Located 200 km north from Paris, PALCHEM is a French independent firm specialized in the manufacture of fine chemical intermediates.

For around 20 years, PALCHEM has been working for the pharmaceutical and agrochemical industries. Specialized in custom synthesis, in the manufacture fine chemical intermediates and in process development, PALCHEM can handle products development and manufacture from 1 kg to one hundred tons in its multi purpose glass lined reactors from 100 to 6000 L.

PALCHEM has been manufacturing fine bromine derivatives since the set up of the company, such as alkyl bromides, bromoacids and esters … PALCHEM also currently implements other reactions like Friedel-Crafts, coupling, esterification, reduction, etherification… We master specific raw materials like isobutylene, ethylene oxide, phosphorus oxychloride, thionyl chloride, hydrogen bromide, bromine, sodium borohydride, n-butyllithium ..

A rewarded know-how

In 2000 and 2001, PALCHEM has been rewarded by the French Regional Chemical Industry Association (UIC) for its performances in Hygiene, Safety and Environmental Protection.

In 2004, PALCHEM has obtained a prize for its good export results.

Recently PALCHEM has received the Prize of the Chemical Industry for its performance in terms of Innovation and Economic Development and was once again rewarded for its export sales.

This is the result of around 20 years of work performed by PALCHEM’s team which focuses every day on continuous improvement and quality to always offer the best service and meet customers’ needs. Therefore, PALCHEM has signed the UIC’s “Engagement de Progrès” in 2000, and then the “Responsible Care” global charter in 2008. This success is due to PALCHEM’s reactivity which enables to answer most of customer’s requests in less than three days.